Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mexican Cruise - Day One

Ben worked with his brother-in-law to set up the ultimate family surprise. Ben got leave, invited me along, and jumped out on the cruise ship and surprised his family. I cried like a baby, realized no one in the family was crying, then felt very sheepish.

Ben was so impressed.

The ship was so detailed.
I loved watching the elevator crawl up and down with its blue eggs.
First DinDin
I got so tired of people walking around in their robes.
This lady was the craziest of the crazies at Karaoke. She had her robe half on when she started to perform her tribute to Michael Jackson, but she was told she had to put it back on, she sauntered off for a second with a, "I should have known," drawl. During her dance, she turned her back on us, undid her robe, and started to shake and shimmy while we all screamed, "Put it back on!"

Ben and Thurm busting out Ice Ice Baby.


Anna said...

haha where did ben learn to dance like that? i'm impressed. looks like you had fun!

Emily said...

I love ben and thurm, I want ben's dance moves.