Saturday, July 02, 2011

Glacier National Park - Day One

Monday morning, bright and early Brent-style, my family and I embarked on an amazing vacation orchestrated by my generous Grandma Bateman. Our first stop was Idaho Falls to visit our Grandma Carver.

The Falls in Idaho Falls
Wish it was the day they floated rubber duckies.

After downing pizza and frozen cookies, watching a hawk drop a dead bird from the sky, and playing with Grandma's wig (which terrified Eli), we climbed back into our vehicles.
Our final destination for our first day was Butte, Montana.
The statue in the background of this picture was the Lady of the Rockies.
What can we do in Butte, Montana? We drove around the old part of town, visited a memorial to miners who died in a fire, and visited this pit. This pit is where I got my one and only mosquito bite of the entire trip, and right before we found this place, I made a joke designed just for my dad. He loved it. My mom did not.

The set up for the joke:
We were still driving in the old town part, my dad was trying to turn left at a light, but pedestrians kept crossing the street. It wasn't too big of a deal, until the light turned red, and my dad was stuck in the middle of the intersection, and people kept crossing the street. My dad was frustrated, muttering things like, "Idiots!"
I saved the day with, "Dad, don't worry about it, they're just Butte-holes."
He laughed so hard, I could see the smile on his face even though I was sitting behind him. My mom was super disappointed that her own daughter would say such a terrible thing.

The Pit
There's a waterfall in the background, and I learned from the plaques that if one was to swim in this water, it would be like swimming in vinegar and cola. When I showed this to Jay, he asked me if there were great whites in the water. Forehead slap.

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