Sunday, July 03, 2011

Glacier National Park - Day Five

I ran a measly two miles and it was rough. Probably had a hard time cause I've been eating such delicious food the entire time. (My favorite was the slab of strawberry rhubarb pie, warmed, with a scoop of ice cream.) I ran by a bridge Em and I had discussed jumping off of. It wouldn't have worked, the water was shallow, and there was a big pipe right where we would have landed.

Yummy banana, strawberry, and nutella crepe from the Farmer's/Art Market downtown. I also bought a big picture of Avalanche Lake. (My only souvenir purchase of the entire trip.)

We got to go for a helicopter ride!

Me and Ezra ready to go.

It took three separate trips to get our entire family's turn in. I got to go with James and Jackie and the boys. Jackie sat next to me with Abe on her lap, and James got to sit up front with Eli on his lap.

Right as we were taking off, Ezra told me he was getting dizzy. Uh oh. He did just fine. I don't think he looked out the window much, but I still kept trying to point things out to him. He laid his sweet little head on my shoulder a few times. I was hoping he wasn't feeling sick. He told Emily later that he had two voices in his head. One was telling him to open the door, and the other was telling him not to open the door. He was glad he listened to the one telling him not to open the door. Em said she was speechless.
Poor Ezra cried as we descended because it hurt his ears so bad.

My pictures weren't turning out so good, so I just stopped taking pictures and took it all in. I'm shaking my head trying to describe how ridiculously amazing the ride was. We went to the peaks of mountains, we saw glaciers, we saw lakes filled with ice, we saw waterfalls ... I think my mouth was open in awe the majority of the ride.

Toby cried and cried when we took off without him. So when it was his family's turn, they decided to try to let him go. Can you tell he's in the front on Zach's lap? Can you tell he's screaming? We took him out before they took off. At least he got to sit in a helicopter.

This took up most of our afternoon. While we waited for everyone to get their helicopter turn in, James played baseball with the boys. Ezra ran to the craziest far away spots for the bases. Sure did make me laugh. Zach's Emily and I walked to a little store, and I'm still regretting not buying this really cute cowboy hat they had.
The rest of the day was spent driving to Bozeman. It seemed like we drove past Flathead Lake forever. It's such a big lake.

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