Sunday, July 03, 2011

Glacier National Park - Day Four

We decided to drive to the other side of the park, but the Going to the Sun Road is still closed because of 30+ ft of snow drifts. So what could have been a 30 mile drive turned into a 300 mile drive. I slept a lot.

Back to Goat Lick
The ironic part is the fact that we drove past this on our way back home later this day. Tons of cars were pulled over, there were way more goats, but it was raining and we all had plenty of pictures of goats. We really didn't feel like we needed to make a third trip to Goat Lick. Later we found out from our grandma there was a momma bear and her cubs. Nuts.

James and Jackie and the Boys

James and Abe

We walked around a bit and took a lot of pictures. We stared at this mountain face for a long time with cameras zoomed and binoculars out. There were mountain goats and bighorn sheep on the face. The bighorn sheep were butting heads, and I got to see a pair butt heads while I was looking through the binoculars! We had to cross a stream on this trail, and right as we turned the corner and saw the stream, two bighorn sheep crossed right in front of us.

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