Sunday, July 03, 2011

Glacier National Park - Day Two

My Grandma Bateman insisted we all go to the rock museum before making our way to Whitefish, Montana. Knowing we had to hustle to get to the museum right when it opened (again, Brent-style), I got up early to avoid getting a vacation gut. I ran a little 5k around the city and got to see some cute little houses and a big park and a homeless guy riding his bike. The biking homeless guy and I regarded each other.
Later, after we loaded all of our stuff, Emily climbed into the suburban and chirped, "Good morning everyone!" I was the only one who laughed, and Eric muttered something about how it was way too early to be so happy.

View of Butte from the rock museum

Typical Zach
Eli loves bugs. As we sat on the benches, I pointed out the huge black ants that were everywhere, and Eli found a regular size ant to compare them to. I wish I had him saying, "So cute!" on video.

In the rock museum, they had an earthquake section. There was a sign encouraging visitors to sit in this rocking chair and share their earthquake stories. I told Ezra to sit in the chair and tell me his stories, and he proceeded to act like an old Grandpa with ridiculous earthquake stories.

Toby and Eli trying to register on the richter scale. A worker came over later and muttered something about, "Oh great, kids have been playing with this." Oops, isn't that what it's there for?

I was out cold for most of the time in the car. I woke up as we pulled over to view this enormous lake, unfortunately, I have no idea what lake it was. Sure was beautiful though. (Asked my dad, it's Flathead Lake.)

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