Friday, July 08, 2011

Kaysville 4th of July Parade

Jackie's sister Jessica's girls: Margot and Addie, and Eli and Abe

Margot and Addie were wearing bead necklaces that they kept from last year's parade. However, they put on sunscreen before putting on the necklaces and their necks turned blue.

Later during the parade, there was a float throwing out stuffed animals. Eli and I were desperate to catch one. We got a pink hippopotamus. Eli looked at it with pure loathing, looked at me in disgust, then threw it at me like it was going to nerd him up. I gave it to Margot who loved it.

When the Missionary Mall float passed us and threw out ties, I didn't catch one. (Head down in shame.) James caught two. I really was super sad.


Paddy Wagon

The boys thought this was hilarious. "Look at the dog!"

Eli, James, and Abe

They're coming...
End of the parade firetrucks.

Necessary Armament

Lots of water was used while we waited not so patiently.


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