Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Salt Lake Bees
Sacramento Rivercats
Win: 5-3

What kind of name is the Rivercats? Bothered me.

  • Churro
  • #32 who I named "Little Kid". He looked kind of like the redhead chubster on Sandlot. He was fantastic, and I loved calling out to him.
  • Watching awkward gross men try to hit on a skinny girl with fake boobs. Loved making my friends laugh by calling things out like, "No chance, you're old!" but making it look like I was commenting on the game.
  • Helping the old people in front of us read their tickets so they knew which seats to sit in.
  • Big rain drops
  • Listening to the guy next to us tell us everything baseball and faking like I knew/cared what he was talking about.
  • Embarrassing my friends by faking like I was super scared of foul balls and loudly complaining that I should have brought my mitt. (I really am scared of foul balls, just not super scared.)
  • Watching the guy with a broken arm in a sling three seats down from me get nailed in the stomach by a foul ball, listening to him yell at the kid in front of him for not catching it, watching him lift up his shirt to show us the imprint of the stitches on the baseball, and me not being able to stop laughing for way too long once I knew he was okay.

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