Sunday, July 03, 2011

Glacier National Park - Day Six

We spent the night at our last Super 8 in Bozeman, Montana. Zach and Em and Toby stayed in Whitefish with their friend Erik and his family. Little Emily had been staying with them, so she was out of luck when it came to a room. When my dad called my grandma to ask her where she'd like to put Em, she originally was going to be staying with my grandma. We convinced my grandma that Em could stay with me and Eric and Dra. Emily and I had been laughing non-stop this entire trip. I think my main goal was to get her to laugh at anything and everything I said. She made me laugh way hard too. So ... I think Eric wasn't too excited that we were going to be staying in the same room as him. He barely said a word the entire night. All in all though, I really enjoyed our room arrangements.

(Example of the lame extremes I went to make Em laugh:
We passed a sign with the name Charlie Wong on it. I pointed it out to Em then said, "Too bad he's never right, he's always wong." She asthma laughed so hard my dad insisted she repeat the joke. Too bad when she finally calmed down to tell it she told it wong.)

Why is it called Quake Lake? Ezra will tell you.

Me and Eli

In 1959, that entire slice of the mountain came roaring down during the earthquake, it crushed cars, buried people, dammed the river, and slid up on to the side we're standing on. Scary. My dad and his family had been vacationing up here at the time and left the day before the earthquake.

Eli and the boulder that never rolled; it just slid to the other side.

Ezra and another massive boulder.

Quake Lake

We watched a movie in the visitor's center. It told how 29 people died, there were 100 + mph winds created because of the rock slide, cabins were washed away, the nearby Hebgen Lake's sloshing threatened the dam, roads cracked and dropped, boulders crushed cars and tents ... It must have been absolutely horrifying.

On our way home we stopped in Idaho Falls again to see my Grandma Carver. She was out driving ... we all thought she was told not to drive again. We went over to my Aunt Pat's house to see her and her family, and my Grandma C slowly drove past us. We shouted and did jumping jacks, and she took no notice. It was fun to see Trent, Val, and Kim and their cute little families.

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