Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Europe - Day Five
Epidaurus, Pottery Place, Treasury, Fortress, and Athens

Epidaurus Amphitheater

Em and Anna on their way up.

Annie sings, and we are shocked at her skills.

If the performer stands on the circle, the limestone will pick up every note.

Cute little sweeper outside of the Epidaurus museum.

View from the bus. I loved the architecture. Makin' pots.

Makin' pots take 2.

Em outside of the Treasury. Inside the treasury. Check out Eileen in the background.

We found true treasure tucked into a small crack. He must have been so tuckered out. Fortress across from the Treasury that we were about to climb. View from part way up.Moussaka! Corinth Canal.
I had to run across the street to capture this boat, he was going right underneath me at me first. My dad semi-grumpily called out to ask what I was doing , then got excited with me and bolted.

Em playing it cool among the cats that hung outside of where we ate dinner in the hotel at Athens. They gratefully accepted all of our leftovers.

Beach on our first night in Athens


Eric and Andrea said...

Moose KaKa? Love the little boat in the canal. Of course the pictures I wanted to see bigger, wouldn't get bigger... like the one where you said to check out Eileen and the little boat. I'll just have to come over and see them.

Funaki-naki-naki said...

I am soooooooo envious of your trip. It looks like so much fun! Love all the pictures!!