Saturday, July 05, 2008

Europe - Day 10

Crete and Santorini
Crete - Old Train
Crete - Loved the graffiti
Crete - Bag o' live, squirming snails
Crete- Sweet old lady
K's present the plaque they made for Mary
From far away we all speculated that there was snow on top of the cliffs.
View of Santorini from the active volcano believed to be the cause of the sinking of the great city of Atlantis.

Volcano - Don't get burned!
Uncle Bill gets a rock out of his shoe.
Mom gets left at the dock.
The only picture we have of me jumping off of the pirate ship.

We swam like crazy to shore; I had no idea I had it in me. Swim or drown, I guess.
Em's a wee bit nervous, but I was already in there.

John Allen and one of his many poses.
My favorite hairy helper
Tram back to the boat, so steep!

We should have taken the donkeys.

Never seen such a big wake before. We were about 15 minutes late ...
Yummy little fruit tart.

It was my favorite dessert by far. Dad liked it too, I just didn't give him fair warning that I was about to snap a picture.

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