Friday, July 04, 2008

Europe - Day Seven

Beginning of our Cruise and the City of Mykonos
If I could move to Greece, Mykonos would be my first pick.

Me through the porthole
Another EF tour group. Poor Paulo was their tour director, and these ladies introduced themselves as, "You may call me Doctor, and my sister Professor." I shake my fist at them.
Seashell stand
Squids for everyone.
Mykonos' famous windmills
Dad on the beach
Amazing colors
Sassy guy getting his picture taken (not only by me)

Colorful display of a restaurant's food.
Expect this table setting at my wedding.
Ceiling in the honey shop.
Em and I compare purchases.
The most amazing picture I've ever taken in my life, and it was by complete accident. I should crop it.


Kimberly said...

Well, then, you can call me Maestro, and call my sister Your Majesty!

Natalie said...

You can call me Princess and call Thurman Prince.

That is a great picture. Cropping might add--try it.