Thursday, July 31, 2008

Real Quick-like

1. Red sassy-pants luggage returned late last night!

I started to get extra pouty and nervous because only one of my two checked bags made its way back to my parents late Tuesday night. Unfortunately, the non-red one came first. The non-red one (also known as black) is actually Katie's (a girl who taught with Ben in Ukraine), and she had too many pieces, so I agreed to help her out.

I was not very happy to see that hers made his way home first. How dare he leave Red? What on earth made them think it was okay to split up?

Delta called last night, described poor little Red, and said that they've been trying to find me. I'm here! I was so very very excited. Cute little Jay called me while I was roaming the streets of the grocery store to let me know the, "Great news," that Red was now hanging out on the porch, probably getting peed on by Moe.

Thank you Red for being brave and keeping it together.

2. I am ready to admit that the night before I left for my 2nd summer adventure in Europe, Moe (Em's cat) peed the biggest nastiest pee puddle I've ever seen in my life all over the stuff that I had carefully laid out as I pre-packed. Here's the ready to admit part: I totally started crying, then gritting my teeth while I cried, then planning sweet revenge while I cried. I pledge to never let him in the house again, and I pledge that if I ever catch him in the house again, he will promptly, swiftly, not-so-gently, be placed outside where pee-monsters belong.

We eat there you big dummy!

3. Curious ... you know how when you comment on someone else's blog, you have to read those crazy string of letters, retype them, and wow! You've made it through our high tech security screening? Well ... lately ... all of the ones that I have come across have been extremely inappropriate. Has anyone else experienced this? Am I alone? Is the computer secretly laughing to itself as it watches my face as I retype the letters, make the obscene connection, pause, worry, then keep typing so that my comment is saved?

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Eric and Andrea said...

I honestly have re-read that post about 5 times now and it makes me laugh harder each time. I'm not laughing about the pee, just about how you described it, then how you call him a pee-monster and a big dummy. I'm glad Big Red is back, welcome home big buddy