Friday, July 04, 2008

Europe - Day Eight

Ephesus, Turkey, and Patmos

The World cruiseship
I was really hoping we'd see someone famous while in Turkey.
Paulo and Mary (our classy, delightful, perfect tour guide)
Paulo and a stray kitty
Ephesus view 2
Ephesus - Guy's restroom
Enough said
Best Friends
Turkish shopping
Birthplace of Pythagorus

Patmos swimmers
Dad waits for us while we play on the beach.
St. John's Grotto
Dad and our cruiseship: Aegean Pearl
View of Patmos


Tay & Jen said...

Amy! How great to be out of country! Where are you going next???

Amy Bateman said...

I leave for Egypt on Wednesday. Wow ... so much debt.

Eric and Andrea said...

Oh Paulo and stray kitty, you have stolen my heart