Sunday, July 06, 2008

Europe - Day 12/13
Airplane mania and New York City bus tour

Anna and Em.
I didn't sleep one wink on this dang flight from Athens to New York, the food was unrecognizable, and when they turned off all of the lights and made us shut the blinds for sleepy time I got fidgety, and then I got hissed at by all of the vampires when I snuck a peak out the window and a sliver of blinding light shot through the entire airplane.

Beginning of my horrible pictures of our New York City bus tour.
I love this sign because I don't get it.

Where's Conan?
Ground Zero
Our best view of the Statue of Liberty
One of those man-made waterfalls My position on the bus as we headed back to the airport.
I was bus sick, unable to sleep, annoyed with our lame tour, dreading our wait at the airport ... I snapped at Em for laughing her asthma laugh over and over ...

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