Sunday, July 06, 2008

My new best friend

A few weeks ago, my dad and I were sitting at the table. I was graciously letting him beat me at some card game, when I was startled by a streak of white in our back yard. I watched patiently through the sliding glass door, and soon enough, my new best friend came bounding around the corner into view again.

"A dog, a dog!" and I threw my cards down and ran outside to play. We had a grand old time racing back and forth between the fences, fighting over the squeaky chicken, but I had to scold him a few times:

No jumping, you give me scratches.

No eating the cat poo.

I grabbed him and tried to keep him from licking me to death while I read over his green name tag. I yelled the phone number to my dad, who eventually yelled back accusingly, "That was the police, Amy!"
Like I knew it was going to be the police. So I laughed it off, ran into the front yard with the dog, and eventually explained that he needed to head home. After I shut the door on his cute little face, I peeked through the window to make sure he was safely on to his next adventure.

Last night, I was laying on the porch swing, intensely reading my super frustrating book, when I heard a low deep cough down by my feet. Extremely startled, I jumped around, and there was Best Friend! We ran around and around and I screamed into the house that Best Friend was back to play with me, but no one seemed to care. Good.

We ran around to the front yard, and he quickly ran to the old ice cream bucket and started drinking the cat's water. Then he quickly moved on to their dumb cat food, and this struck me as extremely hilarious. A dog eating cat food? Now I've seen everything. I just loved how messy the whole process was, his face going crazy all over the old pie tin, cat food flying into the water ... I tattled on Best Friend to my dad as I showed off the empty tin, but my dad just shrugged.
We played and played and I watched as he caught a trail and ran crazy eights around my yard smelling his way through everything. He ran through the flowers, around the tree, jumped up on to the porch, jogged around the rocking chair, then stopped at a carefully cubed bush. He sneezed, and I heard a cat's low growl, then spit, then hiss, then low growl, then saw the bush shake with a swipe. Best Friend sneezed again, and I held my belly and laughed and laughed. Best Friend loves it when I laugh so he came leaping towards me, and we had to review 'No jumping, you give me scratches.'

Poor Daisy was the one being terrorized, but I still secretly loved it. I can't wait til Best Friend finds me again.


Emily said...

I love your new best friend, we may need to video you doing your impression of Daisy when the dog sneezed by her because it makes me laugh every time!

Eric and Andrea said...

What if Best Friend finds you in Egypt? Then what will you do?